Why Choose Prepcon

Prepcon is Your Concrete Surface Preparation Solution!

We are a customer service driven company with the goal to provide the commercial and industrial markets with first class concrete surface preparation services. From Hydrodemolition and Concrete Munching/Breaking to Shotblasting and Milling/Scarifying, Prepcon pledges to supply, you the customer, with outstanding safety, quality and productive service.


Hydrodemolition is the process of utilizing high-pressure water to perform concrete removal from horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.



The use of steel shot propelled at high velocity onto the surface cleans and profiles the surface by removing dirt, laitance, and previously applied sealers to create a new clean bondable surface.


Munching & Breaking

When your project calls for full depth concrete removal with restrictions on noise and/or vibration, our concrete munchers are the tool to get the job done.



Milling/Scarifying removes concrete faster and more aggressively then grinders. Applications include removing coatings, light or heavy milling, and leveling misaligned concrete joints and uneven surfaces.


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact one of our representatives for a free proposal. Our trained and experienced staff is second to none. Call us at (410) 265-6722.



Prepcon effectively mitigates risk to employees, customers, and pedestrians through strict adherence to the 4 elements of an effective safety and health program. Management commitment and employee involvement are fostered on all levels from the first day to the last day of any employee’s tenure. Regular worksite analysis ensure stringent compliance with policies generated through industry accepted hazard prevention and control techniques. Safety and health training is the cornerstone of the program, guaranteeing Prepcon projects will be managed successfully from pre-bid to closeout.

At Prepcon, safety is not a checklist, rather it is a performance discipline embedded in the core of every facet of our operation.


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